domenica 25 febbraio 2018

Reti di Telecomunicazione


Protocols and architectures. OSI. TCP/IP. Data communications interfaces. Asynchronous and synchronous transmission. Line configurations. Interfacing. Mechanical, electrical, functional and procedural characteristics of some typical interfaces. Transport of the information. PDH. SDH. Data Link protocols. Line control. Flow control. Error detection and control. ARQ techniques. HDLC protocol (LAP-B, LAP-D, LAP-F). WAN. Circuit switching concepts. Routing in circuit-switching networks. Control signalling. Packet switching principles. Routing in packet-switching networks. Datagram and virtual circuit. Notes on X.25, ISDN and B-ISDN, Frame Relay and ATM. Congestion control in data networks. Traffic Management. LAN architecture. Internetworking devices. Wireless LAN. IEEE 802.x. Internetworking protocols. Internet Protocol: IPv4 vs. Ipv6. Transport protocols: TCP, UDP. Distributed applications. Network security. QoS. Network innovation. Full IP network. Core & Access Evolution. DWDM. Metro Ethernet. Wireless Access. Laboratory activities (10 hours). Wireshark. WireShark captures. ICMP (Ping, Trace route, etc.), TCP, UDP, DNS, ARP, RARP. Networking devices configuration through simulators.

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